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UNMLA Photo Album from our Members

   Muzzleloader of the Year - 2017

Vern Larson
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Vern Larson

Past Muzzleloaders of the year

If you have a picture of the following winners, please send it to me.  Thank you.

Congratulations one and all.


George P  ML 1998 N&S Gesch 1999
Doc & Dee Carlson Ben & Dorothy Wadas
Dave Fischman
Jim & Gail Potter George Patrick
Dave Otto
Norm & Sandy Gesch
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
Jack & Barb Kathy & Ed Jack & Barb Strinz Jim & Dottie
Gary & Barb Miller Ed & Kathy Wood Jack & Barb Swantkoski Don & Donna Strinz James & Dottie Gaskill Sr.
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Frinks Morrie Jack & Evelan Ed Stone Russ & Curt
Roger & Shari Frink Morrie & Bev Sullivan Jack & Evelyn Miller Ed Stone
Don Strinz
Russ Dockweiler
Curt Dockweiler
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Phil Tripe ML 2010 Roger & Edie Grim Solveig & Ron Knott Fred & Marty Lueking Teri & Lois
Phil Tripe Roger & Edie Grim
Will Bilslend
Solveig & Ron Knott Marti & Fred Lueking Lois Stone &
Teri Chamberlain
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Tammy & Ron ML 2015 Sam and Jessica Hanson Vern Larson    
Tammy Watson and
Ron Osberg
Sam and Jessica Hansen Vern Larson    
2015 2016 2017    


Convention 2018

Ron & Solveig        conv 18a        conv 18b        conv 18c        Ed & Rod   
Solveig & Ron Knott

2018  Pictures by Jason and Norm Gesch, Kathy A Wood     
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UNMLA Charter Members 2010

(Click on the pictures for a better view)
Ed Stone, Dee Carlson, Ed Wood, Jim Potter, Kathy Wood, Doc Carlson, Colleen Ringlein, Dennis Ringlein

Nebrasks State Shoot Champions 2018
  Thanks to Norm Gesch for the picture

St winners 2018  

Battle of the Clubs 2018

Battle trophy Meal time Camp site Neal R  
Dannebrog Club Meal Time Camp Site Neal Rhynalds  
Roger Fischer, Will Billslend, Phil Tripe     Birthday Boy  
 Doug Bayzn, Randy Collingham, and Steve Weatherly        

 Thanks to Sam Hansen for the pictures


Nebraska State Shoot Champions 2017

  Cort West 2017 Bonnie Wills Susan Rhynalds  
Anna Collingham Cort West Bonnie Wills Susan Rhynalds  
Sub Jr Jr Women's Sr Women's  

  Doug Bazyn   Roger Grim
    Doug Bazyn   Roger Grim
    Men's   Sr Men's

(Click on the pictures for a better view)                     


Nebraska State Shotgun Champions 2017

      Tom Lashley  
    Betty Hruska Tom Lashley  
Jr Young Adult Women's Men's  

(Click on the pictures for a better view)               

Red, White and Blue 2015 - From Betty Patrick, thank you.

 RWB cannon     RWB girls     RWB Vern





To add your photos, send copies to:
Kathy A. Wood
501 Road East 120
Ogallala, NE    69153
or to:



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